Welcome to the enchanting world of our Ready to wear and fine jewelry brand.

We are a brand that draws inspiration from our Parisian roots where the designer is from, the spirit of Ibiza, the power of surrealism, the Indian culture and nature. Founded by our passionate designer, Victoria, the brand embodies timeless elegance and traditional refinement by the magic of colours.

Our brand was born from the desire to merge a free spirit aesthetics with nature elements. Victoria Leivissa draws her inspiration from the designer's travels in India, where she discovered the richness of traditions, savoir faire and symbolism.

We believe in the importance of the connection between body, mind and soul, and our jewelry is designed to evoke this deep connection. Each piece features symbols and patterns inspired by the spiritual world, inviting you to connect with your own spirituality.

Our collections are designed for people who seek to express their individuality and their connection to the world around them. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, using the highest quality materials and paying close attention to detail. We believe that each piece is a work of art, telling a unique and personal story, a hymn to beauty ; capturing the very essence of our magical world.